Monday, May 19, 2014

Time headline says Muslims not taught to hate Jews

(Time) Seems I was wrong about Islam all along:

Yup, I truly, as an ex-Muslim, believed that Muslims were taught to hate the Jews. But I stand corrected now that I have been shown the light in this Time article. I quote:
Far from “Jew hatred,” the Qur’an 2:63 repeatedly declares that the Jews shall attain eternal paradise. The Qur’an mentions Prophet Moses by name more than any other prophet—over 150 times— and Islam recognizes the Divine origin of the Torah and the Psalms of David. Prophet Muhammad’s benevolent treatment of Jews attracted their love for him.
The author, Qasim Rashid, then follows the above with this:
“Some people among the Jews kissed the hands and feet of the Prophet.” It is impossible to consider that a man could garner such love from his citizens with force or violence. Following this example, throughout Islamic history the Jews flourished under Muslim rule in parts of North Africa, Jerusalem, Persia, and Spain.
What really surprises me about this article is that Qasim Rashid is an Ahmadi Muslim, a branch of Islam that is only recognised in... non-Islamic countries, including... Israel. But hey, if he wants to believe that the Jews are loved by Muslims, so be it. I just wonder how he would get on if he moved to... Pakistan?