Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Nigerian terrorists murder 20 non-Islamic villagers for not paying Islamic tax (Jizya)

(Kamuyya) Last month, the not so nice fellows of Boko Haram visited a small non-Islamic village in the Northern (Islamic) half of Nigeria and told the villagers there that they had to pay Jizya (the Islamic tax levied on non-Muslims for living amongst Muslims) or else. They came around yesterday, and as the villagers are poor, they couldn't even achieve half of the $1,500 demanded by the gun totting followers of the most peaceful religion in the world (well, so the liberals keep telling me).

So in order to set an example to other non-Muslims, the terrorists, armed with automatic rifles and explosive devices, started killing at the marketplace in Kamuyya village, murdering 20 and injuring dozens. They also burned down shops and vehicles that were parked in the marketplace area.

Way to go, Muslims... For a so called peaceful religion, you sure spill a lot of innocent blood.