Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Scotland shows its true colours by offering asylum to Edward Snowden

(Edinburgh) The Scottish love to play the 'woe is me' card by trying to claim they can only be victims of the English and that the only way to go is to break the so called English shackles which keep them down. Which is why the Scottish will vote this year on whether to remain part of the United Kingdom or go it alone. For all the romance in seeing a blue faced open Jew/English hater play William Wallace screaming "Yer canna take my freedom."

The fact remains, Scotland joined with England in 1707 because it was bankrupt due to its failed attempt at building an Empire in Panama. Anyway, Scottish Nationalists have rewritten history in which to remake them as victims and thus they have pushed for a vote on the 18th of September in which to give the little people a true taste of power. (Which is why they have given the vote to 16-year-olds.)

The funny thing is, the Scottish Nationalist Nazi Party, while playing the eternal victim, has no problem castigating those its left-wing ideology hates. So they hate:
Rich in the belief that their socialist policies will make for a better world, the SNP are now discussing to give Edward Snowden, who ran away from the US to Moscow, asylum in a free and independent Scotland. But then the SNP elected him as rector of Glasgow University for services to Socialism, so what's new in their hatred of the US?

I thought the Scottish Nazi Party couldn't better themselves after they released a convicted terrorist on compassionate grounds (he apparently had hours to live) only to see him live for a good number of years afterwards. But hey, they have. I just wonder when will the SNP invite the Russian Navy over to build a base in Scotland. Can't be that far away. Mind you, they will have to fight the Spanish for it.

Maybe there's a good reason I prefer to drink Japanese to Scottish whiskey.