Monday, May 19, 2014

How in the UK the left invent things to be outraged about

In the UK, the left really have lost the plot. I'm talking about a bunch of slipper wearing, ethical latte drinking, tofu eating liberals who, while defending the right for equality for all, have no problem in slagging off white English people (the vast majority of people in the UK) as somehow the most intolerant people in the world... Really?

(London) Now, I live on a street where some houses have been bought by folks who rent them out in which to make a little money. The house across the road is such. Last year, it was rented out to a bunch of young men. They had loud parties and such, the outside of their house started to resemble a rubbish tip, they even burnt down their front door. I only had one run in with them, as I was walking down the street, a couple of them decided to sing "Bla bla black sheep" in a really infantile attempt to try and be clever. However, what they didn't expect was for me to stop, turn around and demand the silly little man to repeat what he said at the risk of getting his teeth smashed in (well, words to that effect). Well, what do you do know, Mr Vocal was lost for words, his friend opined that it was just a song, but he quickly became quiet when I told him to shut it or else. I kindly explained that if they decided to mess with me (or my own), I would put them all in hospital. For some very strange reason, they remained very silent, and guess what, they never messed with me (or my own) ever again.

Now, I'm not saying all groups of men act like these village idiots, or that others are able to project violence like I can (stocky, short hair, very broad shoulders, and over 20 years Atemi Ju-jitsu, Karate, Judo, Boxing kind of helps), but the fact remains that groups of men in the UK aren't known for their sober qualities. Which brings me to the meat of my post.

In the UK, the left lord minorities as better than everybody else, be it gays, disabled, blacks, Muslims, women, Scottish, Eastern European, they, according to the left, are not only superior to the White British Male, but for some reason are all victims of him. (Note, I am brown skinned of Indian heritage but born in England.)

Well, In the UK, while it is OK to fly any flag going, if you wish to fly the Union Flag of the United Kingdom, then you can only be a racist. If you celebrate any national day (Pakistani, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, etc.) then you are patriotic. If, however, you wish to celebrate the English national day, then you are a closet racist.

That, people, is how the left in the UK work, they can't stand looking in the mirror and seeing what they see.

For years, the White English Male has been disparaged by the left under the aegis of racism. Well, after the 2005 bombings of London, the British people started fighting back, and a party which was formed during the 90s started picking up support from people who felt disfranchised by the rest. That party is UKIP. Well, what do you know, over the past few years UKIP has started eating into the voter base of the other parties, and on Thursday the whole of Europe will vote in which to pick their Euro MPs, and UKIP are looking like they will come out strong. Well, the political establishment aren't having any of this from such a young upstart, and they have devoted lots of energy (and time and effort) in which to attack UKIP.

One such example was a question directed at the leader of UKIP, asking if he would like a house full of Romanian men living next door to him. He replied he didn't, and for the past week all we have heard from the media in the UK is what a racist Nigel Farage is. The thing is, ask the same question to any middle aged man with a young family if he wants a load of men living next door and he will answer the same. Yet for some strange reason, the left have a bee in their bonnet over this. That's just it about the left, they feel outraged over the smallest slight, be it a stand in a supermarket, private e-mails between friends or even attending a fancy dress party as a royal. Yet the very same people feel the right to offend anybody they want - when it's them in the spotlight then you see it's free speech.