Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Turkey refuses to pay $124 million compensation to Cyprus for invading and annexing half the island in 1974

(Ankara) In 1974, upset over how Greek Nationalists wanted to join with Greece, Turkey invaded the Island of Cyprus, and secured half the Island for itself. Now, having lived on the Island, I can understand how and why the Turks invaded (I prefer the company of Turks to the Greeks), but it was 40 years ago, and in that time the Turks have ensured that they have kicked out anybody who doesn't subscribe to Islam (and is Greek) from their version of Sudetenland.

Anyway, after many years of trying to sort out their differences, the Greek Cypriots took their case the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) who ordered Turkey to pay Cyprus $124 million as compensation for invading the island in 1974. Well, what do you know, the Turks who have campaigned to join the EU since 1987 and have quite rightly played the race card for getting knocked back every year since then (it's a fact, but I can fully understand why Europe doesn't want Turkey in), has said no. Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Tuesday that his country had no intention of paying the compensation, despite wanting to join the European Union (EU) which Cyprus is a member of. In terms of the grounds of this ruling, its method and the fact that it is considering a country that Turkey does not recognize as a counter-party, Turkey sees no necessity to make this payment.

Strange how all these third world countries want/demand money from the West for the vestiges of the empire and such, but when we look at the facts on the ground, not only was Turkey the biggest and longest running empire going (enslaving more people than anybody else), they refuse to play the game they demand others play.

Oh look, there is that 'H' word again.