Tuesday, July 30, 2019

US: 2 Somlian refugees arrested trying to leave in which to join ISIS

(Tuscon) 21 year old Ahmed Mahad Mohamed and 20 year old Abdi Yemani Hussein have been arrested in the United states over their plans in which to fly to Egypt in which to join ISIS.  It appears that these 2 ingrates not happy in which to be given a new life, were arrested on July 26 at Tucson International Airport as they tried to leave for a life of murder, death, kill (no doubt, they would play the “bring us home” card after they got caught like they all do. 

Court documents revealed that the two men were in communication with an undercover FBI employee who they believed was helping make arrangements to travel to Egypt to carry out terrorist attacks there.  Their back up plan was to conduct an attack in Tucson if they weren't able to travel. Both Mohamed and Hussein came to the U.S. as Somalian refugees, according to an affidavit filed in federal court. Mohamed obtained lawful permanent residency and Hussein is still a refugee.