Friday, July 5, 2019

Uk: Illegal immigrant jailed for rape, 8 years after winning compensation for being detained.

(Carlisle) In 2003 Joseph Mjemer sneaked into the Uk on board a ship and by 2007 after being jailed several times for carrying out 20 offences in the three years after his arrival was taken into 'administrative custody ‘ in 2007 pending his removal back to Algeria.  However Judge Stephen Stewart found in his favour had him released back onto the streets with a £17000 cash handout as compensation for the 5 months he was locked away.

Well yesterday he was jailed for 11 years (he’ll only do half of that) for raping a young lady in her flat on New years day. But get this even with his criminal offence total now having risen to over 60 , the judge sitting on his case, made no move to have him deported , claiming it was a matter for  the government.