Thursday, July 11, 2019

Arabian Gulf: Iran tries to hijack and capture a British Tanker, Royal Navy says go away or we fire.

(Arabian Gulf) The bullying tactics of the Iranians was again on show yesterday, when 3 of their small boats tried to waylay a British Oil tanker, by getting it to divert into Iranian waters so they could kidnap the crew. Problem for the Iranians a British Royal Navy Type 23 Destroyer (HMSMontrose) was sailing behind said tanker and the captain after aiming his guns at the Iranian vessels, told them very politely to go away. They did. 

Obviously the  Iranians were testing the water to see if the British were willing to use force and it appears they were. No doubt sending the message to the Iranians that the UK is willing to stand beside the US and Gulf states regards the belligerent nature of the Iranians.  Now if only they could get the Europeans to follow suit.