Saturday, July 6, 2019

Venezuela: marks independence day with military parade. Western liberals remain silent

(Caracas)  On Thursday It was the 4th of July and  the United States held a parade in Washington. A parade I should add which was derided by the left , including a band of social justice warriors burning the US flag outside the White house. (They are currently playing the victim-card after getting arrested)

The thing is the very people who have objected to the 4th of July are also the very same ones who defend what has been happening in Venezuela. You know that country with the worlds largest reserves of oil which due to the implementation of socialist polices  (Like what the democrats and friends suggest)  where people are leaving by the millions due to a lack of water, electricity, food, medicine , free speech and of course human rights. which only yesterday was lambasted by the UN for operating death squads. Well the fat dictator for life President Nicolas Maduro has taken to blaming everybody and anybody for his failed economic polices and yesterday (July the 5th)  he held a military parade in which to celebrate independence day.

So in a nutshell, a country which can't feed itself, decides to host a huge military parade with weapons it has spent billions procuring which should have been spent on food. I mean Venezuela operates  23 Su-30MK2 (with another 12 on order) Its neighbours (Columbia/Brazil/Guyana/Peru) combined are totally outclassed by those 23 jets alone. And yet those who openly berate POTUS for hosting a parade, remain silent on Venezuela fall from grace whom they promote as the country to follow. 

Whilst the above lefty bunfest was taking place , the little people of Venezuela held a counter parade, but were kept away from where all the champagne sipping socialists were partying