Friday, July 5, 2019

South Korea: Korean man under investigation for planning ISIS attack in...South Korea.

(Seoul)  The authorities in South Korea have revealed that they have picked up a 23 year old man named as 'Park' on charges of subscription to ISIS and planning to carry out a terrorist attack in a country which has little dealings (politically) with the Islamic world.

It transpires that the Ministry of National Defence were tipped off by the FBI in Nov 2017 that somebody had been accessing an Islamic State-related website using an IP address from South Korea. Following up on that lead them to ‘Park’ who at the time was serving in the Army on his mandatory military service. He has been charged with stealing explosives and a detonator and violating the anti-terrorism act by allegedly attempting to join the Islamic State," When the authorities first heard of this , the military refused to allow ‘Park to be arrested. claiming there was little risk of him fleeing or destroying evidence. However as  he completed his military service this past Tuesday  (July 2nd) he’s now no longer under military jurisdiction and was subsequently arrested allowing Investigators to search his home  where a machete was found , which looks similar to the broad blades that have been used by members of Islamic State in their gruesome social media killings. If Park is found guilty, it will mark the first case of a South Korean citizen violating the anti-terrorism act which came into effect in March 2016.