Monday, July 1, 2019

India: Islamic clerics fail in attempt to berate Muslim MP for marrying a non-Muslim and wearing what she wants.

(New Delhi) 29 year old Nusrat Jahan is an Indian film actress  who became an MP in march 2019 when she won the seat of  Basirhat Lok Sabha . 

A Muslim by birth she married longtime boyfriend Nikhil Jain last month in Turkey. The thing is Her Hubby isn’t a Muslim he’s a follower of Jainism and that has really ticked off the Islamic thought police in India who decided to issue a Fatwa against her. Deoband Cleric Mufti Asad Wasmi has gone public with his fatwa: (Deoband Clerics see themselves as the protectors of the Islamic faith in India)
 “After investigation, we got to know that she married into the Jain religion, Islam says that a Muslim can only marry a Muslim. Second, I want to say that Nusrat Jahan is an actor and these actors do not care about religion. They do what they feel like doing. This is what she showcased in Parliament.”
Another Cleric Maulana Qari, has gone public with:
“Such women are not in control they try to set the country on fire. They give such statement and spew venom just to create headlines. They want to divide this nation. She does not have any knowledge of any religion. Islam is a religion that gives the message of love and peace.”
They also berated her for wearing Hindu attire . Well she was was having none of this religious bigotry from a so called Hierarchy of religious bigots and her retort has won her much support from across India  
That reply has won her much praise from the Indian public who have on mass pointed out, that whilst it is Ok for Islamic men to marry whom they want and wear what they want. Islamic women are forbidden to marry outside the faith