Tuesday, July 23, 2019

US: Intolerance the Dearborn way.

(Dearborn) Sam Zahr, is a Lebanese-American who lives in Dearborn and after successfully opening a franchise of Burgerim burgers a few miles away in Royal Oak, he decided to open up another in Dearborn. Problem is although in the  US Burgerim burgers is a US company based out of California,( it started life in as a single restaurant in Israel, but the company was bought out by Oren Loni in 2011 and he relocated to the US in which to develop the brand) The usual suspects in Dearborn have decided that as the companies roots are Israeli, then it must be boycotted, sorry did I say boycott, I meant issue threats on Mr Zahr and his children

The lead instigated behind all this Amer Zahr, -a University of Detroit law professor, activist who also lives in Dearborn,  has been urging the community to boycott the business when it opens because it was founded in Israel on land he says was stolen from Palestinians.
“We are not boycotting Jewish companies or Jews,” he said, “but boycotting Israeli businesses that support the economy of the Jewish state, which is suppressing Palestinian people. If they do not respond to the dialogue, we have to encourage our community to boycott the restaurant; and I think that the people of our community have enough reasons to abide by that boycott. What Israel did to the Palestinians and the Lebanese is no secret to anyone.”

Just to exemplify his polarised mindset here is one of his tweets;
Attorneys for Sam Zahr have filed a cease-and-desist order against Amer Zahr for “defamatory statements” about Burgerim,  Sam tried to bypass the ‘Anti-Israeli’ angle by putting up a tent and offering free food, but it was destroyed, having paid to develop a site for his latest franchise, Sam has decided to put on hold opening up his new franchise due to pressure from the BDS crowd. What I cannot understand is why all these BDS people who are so passionate regards boycotting Israeli goods, have no problem using mobile phones, computers and even medical devices which were designed in….Israel.