Saturday, July 27, 2019

WW2: Failed Kamikaze attack

(Pacific) HMS Sussex was a Royal Navy County Class cruiser which served with distinction during WW2.  launched in 1926 she was modernised during the mid 1930s where she was retrofitted with a  6-foot-deep (1.8 m) armoured belt, 4.5-inch (110 mm) thick, amidships, extending down from the armoured deck to 1 foot below the waterline.

On July the 26th 1945 Sussex found herself supporting operations on what is now known as Indonesia when she was attacked by 2 Japanese Kamikazi planes  One, a Mitsubishi Ki-51 struck the ship, but failed to penetrate the ships 4.5inch armour belt.

Mitsubishi Ki-51
It did however leave a mark which allowed the ships crew to know exactly which aircraft had failed to sink it: