Saturday, July 6, 2019

US Somali and US independence days, guess which one Ilhan Omar wants you to enjoy

(Washington) Ilhan Omar was born in Somalia, aged 6 her family moved into a refugee centre in Kenya and 4 years later in 1992 aged 10 she (and they)  was relocated to the United States. here the family did well and she was elected into congress this year as the representative for Minnesota's 5th congressional district . You'd think that a migrant (like so many others) to the United States would be grateful of being given the chance to do well in life. A chance actually denied to women in countries such as Somalia. But no Omar has expressed nothing but disdain for her new country and this was perfectly illuminated in a couple of tweets over 3 days regards the independence days for Somalia (1st July) and the US (4th July) . Guess which country the democrat congress woman thinks is the better place.
The above translates roughly into English as “Somalis, wake up, wake up and support each other. Support your country. Support them forever.”