Thursday, August 1, 2019

Israel: The arrest of 2 children by the IDF shows the disgusting Hamas mindset

(Gaza Strip border) Last night Hani Abu Salah, a member of the military wing of Hamas sneaked into Israel and when an Israeli patrol was sent to apprehend him, he opened up with an Ak47 and a few hand grenades. Injuring 3 IDF soldiers. Thankfully another patrol had also been sent and they succeeded in taking the terrorist out. 
Hours later the IDF arrested 2 Palestinian boys (aged 11 and 15) who also crossed the border into Israel. What I can’t understand is how 2 young children bypassed all the Hamas patrols and entered Israel without them knowing.  Could it be they wanted the IDF after what had transpired hours before to shoot first and ask questions later. Can you imagine the faux moral outrage which we would have seen from Hamas if those 2 children had been killed.

Makes you wonder about the Hamas mindset doesn’t it.