Monday, July 1, 2019

Syria: Claims Israel carried out air-strikes overnight,- used Syrian missile lands in Cyprus

(Damascus)  So hours after it was reported that the Russian all singing and dancing S300 missile had become operational in Syrian hands,

those pesky jews next door decided to strike a number of targets  including

  • An Iranian ammo depot was hit near Jumrayah N. of Damascus
  • A military position was hit west of Homs near the Lebanese borders

As always the Syrian state media 'Sana' have claimed they shot down most of the incoming missiles and that 4 civilians were killed and 21 injured.  But here is where it gets really interesting, A as of yet unidentified object landed in the (Turkish occupied) mountains north of the Cypriot capital Nicosia resulting in a huge bush fire.

As you can guess the usual conspiracy peddlers  are trying to promote the line that a US F22 , Israeli F35 or even an F16 was shot down, But from the remains of the wreckage its definitely a missile, could it be the remains of an S300

That there is an S300 missile which failed to launch, now check the fins at the rear with the remains above. Here is a much clearer picture of the 7 metres long missile.