Thursday, July 25, 2019

Australia: 3 men jailed for firebombing Mosque

(Melbourne) Three men have been jailed in Australia over how failing to burn down a Shia mosque in Nov 2016, they went back the next month and succeeded the second time around causing  $1.5 (Australian) million in damages. The reason behind their hate crime was simply down to the fact they as sunni Muslims didn’t see Shia Muslims as Muslims. Problem for these religious bigots was they were caught on camera , once the old bill recognised them they had trackers fitted onto their cars and had their phone bugged resulting in the police finding enough evidence to hang these bigots. In court Ahmed Mohamed, Abdullah Chaarani and Hatim Moukhaiber all pleaded not guilty to engaging in a terrorist attack, that it was simply a protest and that they were sorry for the attack
(From left) Ahmed Mohamed, Abdullah Chaarani and Hatim Moukhaiber 
Unfortunately  for these 3 zeros security camera footage, played in court, showed Chaarani spray-painting the words "Islamic State" in English and Arabic on the walls of the mosque, before Mohamed entered the building carrying a white plastic container and a car tyre. The video then showed Moukhaiber, following with another tyre before flames and smoke filled the room and they ran out.  This was followed by intercepted text messages between the 3 which stated:
"Shias are not Muslims. Shias do not represent Islam. Shias are the enemy,"
Which is why Mohamed and Chaarani were sentenced to 22 years in jail and will be eligible for parole only after 17 years, while Moukhaiber was jailed for 16 years, with possible parole after 12 years.