Friday, July 19, 2019

US: Illegal Mexican activist who hates the US, refers to it as Amerikkka, seeks pardon to avoid being deported

(Arizona) 33 year old Alejandra Pablos, is a feminist immigration activist who goes well out of her way in which to berate the United States of America. She openly refers to the United States as Amerikkka, of American “white women wave of fake resistance, of “loser” men who deny that patriarchy exists and “racist ass cops.” She subscribes to the belief that women should be paid more than men, that police officers are murderers and proudly touts the multiple abortions she has undertaken in four different circumstances with four different partners. 

The thing is Mizz Pablos is also a Mexican citizen living illegally in the US and as such has been arrested and is awaiting deportation to her home country, yet despite her hatred of everything the US is. has been and has to offer, she is demanding that Arizona state Governor Doug Ducey affords her a pardon so she can remain in a country she hates. Couldn't make it up if you tried.