Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Nigeria: Bans Shia group over violent protests

(Abuja) The Nigerian government yesterday banned the Shia ‘ Islamic Movement of Nigeria’ (IMN) after weeks of violent protests has resulted in the group attacking soldiers, killing policemen, destroying public property and consistently defying state authority in which to try and force the Government to release their leader  Ibrahim Zakzaky who has been locked up these past 4 years.

The Iranian backed group sprung into life after the Iranian revolution with Zakzaky brainwashing his shia followers that an Islamic revolution was possible inside Nigeria. The thing is Nigeria has a population of around 200 million of which around 100 million are Muslim. However where Zakzaky plans fails is that out of that 100 million only around 4 million are Shia muslimthe remaining 96 million subscribe to the Sunni faith. An just like oil and water, Sunni and Shia simply do not mix.

But that hasn’t stopped Iran from trying to open up a new front in Africa and as mentioned the latest protests which have seen numerous attacks on Nigerian authority resulting in at least 20 followers of Shia Islamic killed these past few weeks has led to the Government (led by a Sunni Muslim) to ban the group outright. Pound to a penny  the Islamic Movement of Nigeria’ will take to the bullet and the bomb in which to express their victimhood.