Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Korea: warning shots fired at Russian military aircraft

(Seoul) It appears that Russia and China have taken playing silly buggers on the Korean and Japanese border when a number of their aircraft (two Russian Tu-95 bombers, one Russian A-50 surveillance plane and two Chinese H-6 bombers.) decided to go look see over the disputed (Korean/Japanese) Dokdo Islands. . Problem is, the Koreans were having none of this palava and so they sent up a number of fighter jets and decided to fire a few hundreds rounds in front of the Russian jet which strayed not once but twice into Korean airspace

As per usual, the Russians claim they know not of what has offended the Koreans, but I'm pretty sure the telling off the Russian Ambassador (as well as the Chinese one) received . will ensure that more overflights will transpire, until somebody gets shot down that is.