Saturday, July 6, 2019

Syria: ISIS Bride Lisa Smith claims she’s ‘not a terrorist’ and ‘not out to kill anyone’ if she returns to Ireland

(Al-Hawl)  In 2011 Lisa Smith after serving 10 years in the  Irish military service woman resigned after she was investigated by the Garda  (Irish Police)  regards a tip she was being  radicalised by extremist islamists , she converted to Islam that year  and relocated to Tunisia in 2013 which to live life in an Islamic country, met a Muslim, married him and became even more polarised as a lot of Islamic converts have become.

She divorced him in 2014 after he refused to go to Syria with her in which to join ISIS , packing her bags she left her fairly new old life behind in search of an Islamic caliphate and within months she had married again and there she was, happy as Mustafa until ISIS fell, Hubby Nbr 2 was killed and she found herself under guard in a camp for ISIS wives in Northern Syria with a young child where the media found her. 
Oh have they found her and have pushed for Lisa to be brought home. The Irish Government , accepting her word that she isn’t a threat to anybody and has no intention of killing anyone are currently finalising plans to bring  this poor Irish girl home. However some are asking questions regards her loyalty , whilst claiming she was but a simple housewife, it transpires that Lisa used to teachyoung girls how to use weapons , naturally she denies this and on film demands that these girls be brought to her so she can look them in the eye. She disputes the barbaric acts carried out by ISIS as western propaganda and demands proof before she believes them. She still wishes to live under a caliphate, but is happy to let that pass for the time been in which to return home to good old Catholic Ireland. Couldn't make it up if you tried.