Monday, July 8, 2019

UK: Far right bigot fails big time trying to burn down a synagogue

(Exeter)  One of the main cities in the south west of England is Exeter and of late it has started to earn a name for really really stupid terrorists. In 2008 Muslim convert Nicky Reilly decided to do his bit for his moon god when he built a bomb and decided to place it in the Giraffe cafe and restaurant in which to teach those kuffers a lesson. Problem was, when he went into the toilets to arm it, he locked himself in said toilet and failed to get out before it went bang with  the only person being injured was...Nicky Reilly. he was sent down and in 2016 he died inside prison

Which bring me to far-right extremist Tristan Morgan, last July he decided to firebomb the Jewish synagogue in Exeter. problem was he failed. Here's a video of what transpired.

he was picked up by the polcie, minus his eyebrows and nicked. Yesterday In court he was remanded to a looney bin , which in the UK means a very long time ,licking windows whilst wearing a white coat . what is it about Exeter and people having an extra chromosome/