Thursday, July 4, 2019

Egypt: Israel has been bombing arms shipments to Hamas in the Sinai on the sly.

(Sinai) Israeli news station i24NEWS. Has revealed  that over the past few months the IDF has been striking and taking out arms shipments destined for Gaza across  the Egyptian Sinai.  Their Palestinian sources have stated that from November last year until the end of this May, the Israeli Air Force has targeted three trucks, including one carrying a shipment of Iranian missiles. The trucks carrying missiles, weapons, and high explosive materials were on their way to Gaza after being transferred through arms dealers in Libya where they had been sold to Hamas and other militant groups by Palestinian intermediaries in various countries. 

On top of that, Egypt has confiscated large sums of money meant to be smuggled into the Gaza Strip resulting in Hamas and Islamic jihad having to curtail their arm imports through the region for the foreseeable future.