Friday, June 14, 2019

Iran: Crew of Norwegian tanker were forced at gunpoint to leave ship that rescued them and go to Iran.

(Tehran) Contrary to Tehran's statement that they rescued the crew of the  stricken Norwegian-owned tanker Front Altair, it has now been reported that actually the crew had been picked up by the Hyundai Dubai,

Which was then surrounded by the Iranian navy and told to hand the rescued men men over. The  captain of the Hyundai Dubai contacted his company's management, who told him to refuse Iran's request. However the captain did as he was told saying that "he felt like he had no choice" and handed the crew over to the Iranians. The crew of the Japanese ship were rescued by a Dutch ship and they handed over the crew to the USS Bainbridge in which to prevent the Iranians taking them at gunpoint.

The Iranians still hold the crew of the Norwegian ship and appear to be milking the fact that they rescued them. Problem for the mad mullahs is that the crews body language doesn't come across as people grateful to be rescued , but rather that of a crew captured at gunpoint.