Thursday, June 20, 2019

Iran: Shoots down US Drone

(Tehran)  Iran this morning shot down a US UAV stating that the craft had been spying over Iran at the time. whilst the media (and the unwashed) have swallowed the Iranian line. If they bothered to look at the facts, they would find that actually the facts don't add up.

The UAV that was shot down was a Northrop Grumman MQ-4C Triton.

A High-Altitude Long Endurance (H.A.L.E.) UAV  whose mission is high altitude maritime surveillance , which means it is configured for working over water rather than over land so its equipment is based around radar rather than optical as found on UAVs such as the Medium-altitude long-endurance (M.A.L.E)  Reaper and Predators  we hear so much about. Its reach will allow it to observe Iran from well outside their boundary lines, so Iran stating it shot down the UAV within its borders is something of a stretch. So the question is why?

Iran knows it can't defeat the US militarily (despite all its boasting of its military might)  So for the past few years it has embarked on a program of ostracising the US from its allies, this appears to be working with the EU, who see Iran as an prize catch regards exports which is why they have overlooked Iran's :

  1. Kidnapping and holding of European hostages for political gain.
  2. Death teams inside Europe
  3. Spying inside Europe
  4. Support for terrorism inside Europe
Add the huge effort it has pursued in promoting anti US propaganda on the social media front:

Facebook removes nearly 800 fake pages and accounts traced to Iran
How Iran spreads disinformation around the world

and it isn't hard to see how so many people see the US as the belligerent one. The irony here is Iran is the one launching physical attacks the ME and not the US, which has been most restraint in its responses to Iranian war mongering.

How Iran sHow Iran spreads disinformation around the worldpreads disinformation around the world