Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Arabian Gulf: Saudi Arabia rescues Iranian from covert mothership supporting Yemeni rebels

(Riyadh)  After the US reimposed sanctions in Iran regards its double dealing with its nuclear chemistry set , they warned the world that they would close the Straits of Hormuz, that they would attack American troops in the region and that they had the weapons and will to carry out those trumps. The problem for the mad mullahs is they are now dealing with a Republican President and not a Democrat. Which is why POTUS reinforced the region with 2 carrier task forces and a load of B52 bombers.

Since then the Mad mullahs have issued daily threats, that they aren't scared, that the US and not them are a threat to the region and that they are peaceful. Which is why when a number of foreign tankers (Not American) were targeted by limpet mines, Tehran said...not us. When Suicide drones started hitting Saudi oil pipelines, Tehran said ...not us. The thing is everybody knows its the Iranians but in this day and age of political correctness anybody who says anything about Iranian is deemed a racist.

Well the otherday in the middle of the Arabian Gulf the Saudi airforce were called to rescue an injured sailor off of the Iranian-registered ship Saviz. As the Rescue helicopter came in to pick up the injured crewman. video filmed from the Saudi Rescue helicopter filmed Military speed boats lashed to its upper deck and personnel on board in camouflage uniforms. Iranian naval forces operate a number of types of boats in this general category, which it can use in swarming attacks, to lay naval mines, or otherwise conduct hit-and-run attacks at sea. They could also carry light cargo loads and move small numbers of personnel back and forth between their mother ship and shore.