Friday, June 21, 2019

Turkey: Goes to the polls Sunday......Again.

(Ankara) You may have noticed a strange phenomena these past few years: The demand for a revote.We saw it when Bush won in 2000, when Trump won in 2017. Over here in Europe, the European Union (That so called bastion of free thinking, free speech and human rights ) has made something of a name for itself with rejecting votes which go agaisnt its wishes and makes the offenders retake them or simply ignores them

In 1992 Denmark voted on the Maastricht Treaty (Which was part of the EU attempt to push for the further integration of the nations regards laws and of the EU having its own currency (Euro)) . Well shock horror the Danes rejected it, the EU not happy voided the vote made them take it again a year later and guess what..they won.
The Irish went to the ballot box in 2001 in which to ratify the Treaty of Nice of the European Union which was needed in which to continue to allow the EU to grow. They voted No and the EU simply rejected it, who made the Irish retake the vote. But before they did, they spent millions on EU propaganda. and in 2002 the Irish voted...yes.
In 2005 France voted on the Constitution for Europe,in which to see if the public wanted to go further with the EU. and shock horror the public rejected it and the French government and the EU just rejected that vote and carried on as normal
A month after the French vote in 2005 Holland voted on the European Constitution referendum in which to see if the public wanted to go further with the EU. They rejected it as did the dutch government and the EU.

Well next door to the EU is Turkey and they hosted their local elections on the 31st of March this year and shock horror, the governing party the Justice and Development Party (AKP) lost a lot of votes  Well the pocket dictator in all but name Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan was having none of that, he voided the election and decided to make the country vote again. this they will do on Sunday and it will be interesting if he loses again. I doubt it as the city of Istanbul has just stated that 68K people cannot vote. Funny enough the ruling party ALP runs it.

Have to laugh as the Turkish media posted this a while ago: