Saturday, June 1, 2019

Ramadan Death Count: Afghanstan 01/06/19

(Qarabagh)  Roughly half way between Kabul and Kadahar is the town of Qarbagh  and as the road runs parallel to the border with Pakistan it is a favourite area for Taliban terrorists to strut their stuff. So it was at 2 am Saturday morning when the Red unit of the Taliban (Their version of Special Forces) decided to launch an attack on Afghan forces in the region Problem was the Afghan army was ready for them and when the sun came up over 100 terrorists lay dead on the floor.

(Ghazni) Just up the road from Qarbagh lies the city of Ghazni and on Friday a car bomb was detonated near a police compound killing 6 and injuring another 8. From the looks of things, it appears the bomb was a diversion from the main attack down the road a day later.

(Kabul) Also on Friday a suicide car-bomb was detonated in Kabul as a US army convoy was passing. 4 afghan civilians were killed ,and 4 Americans were lightly injured.

(Kabul)  On Thursday a suicide bombing near a military training centre in the Afghan capital claimed the lives of 6 people and wounded another six.

(Wardak province) Just to the east of Kabul not far from the where all the bombs and attacks have being going off these past few days the Taliban decided to launch an attack on an Afghan army check point . Problem for the Taliban is the Afghan army now has its own air support and air-strikes carried out in defence of the check point in  Chak-e district saw 36 terrorists killed , at the same time air-strikes in the district of Logar killed at least four Taliban fighters.

Ramadan death toll stands at 1094