Friday, June 21, 2019

Jordan: Offended by latest Netflicks show

(Amman) So the nice folks in Jordan have seen red over the latest Netflicks series (Jinn) which is also the sites first Arabic  series. It appears that script has a group of school children visiting Petra who sneak off at night like teens do to drink beer, smoke weed and gossip around a bonfire. A girl asks her frisky boyfriend to take things slow.

Well  the series has been blasted on social medias pornographic. Government ministers have vowed to censor it. Jordan’s grand mufti denounced it as “a moral degradation.” Lawmakers called an emergency session. The attorney general demanded the cyber-crimes unit “take immediate, necessary action” to pull it from Netflix.

The thing is, I've been to Jordan I spent quite a lot of time in the desert and before we left we travelled on mass to...Petra. Loverly place and in the car park, there is a bar,(actually there are a lot of bars)  where you can buy beer. In Amman, I used to stop off at a Hotel (in which to use their toilets and grab a sneaky shower) The opulent bars there..sell alcohol.

So it's a little hypocritical of the Jordanians to complain about people drinking alcohol when it is openly on sale there. But hey, there's nothing like the religious righteous who whilst venting their spleen about a TV show remain silent on the huge curse of Honour crimes which inflict the country
where until recently marrying your rape victim got you off jail and where you receive a reduced sentence if you can prove that your victims actions of speaking to a boy offended you.