Sunday, June 23, 2019

Bangladesh: Latest coal powered power station has setback as workers clash with the Chinese builders.

(Payra) Whilst all the eco warriors protest in the West regards global warming  climate change from their neck of the woods
Which whilst admirable , doesn't take into account that actually that the West has been cutting its CO2 emissions for a long while and that actually the US, yes that US which the do-gooders love to lambaste has made the biggest cuts in CO2 these past 20 years. Which is strange as when President Bush refused to sign up to Kyto Protocol targets saying that technology and not set targets was the way to reduce CO2 he was turned into public enemy Nbr 1by the ethical latte crowd. 

Then we had the Paris agreement in 2015, where the western world signed up to cutting CO2 with immediate effect, with a total ban on CO2 by 2050. The thing is China the worlds biggest polluter has a cop out and can continue pumping out CO2 until 2030. 

Which brings  me to Bangladesh , this low lying country built on low lying marsh land is prone to flooding and has been most vocal on climate change demanding the West hands over billions to help sort out their explosive population who are running out of land to live on. Currently China is building 13 coal fired power stations in Bangladesh which will be up and running by 2023. The first which is set to come on line the huge 1,320 megawatt one at Payra port

However construction work has been placed on hold after 6000 Bangladeshi workers rioted after32 year old Swabindra Das, fell to his death from a 70 foot tower and rumours started that he was killed by the Chinese and they were trying to cover it up. So riot they did killing 1 and seriously injuring another 6, On top of that critical equipment was stolen or destroyed setting back the whole project.

So in nutshell the Chinese and Bangladeshi governments who are amongst the most vocal regards climate change and demand the west do more, are between them knocking out 13 huge coal powered power stations whilst they demand the West close their down (which they are). 

I wonder why all the climate change crowd aren't protesting outside the Chinese and Bangladeshi embassies.