Wednesday, June 19, 2019

UK: BBCs Pro Antisemitic stance exposed yet again

(London) The BBC held a live debate featuring the five candidates fighting for the Conservative leadership on Tuesday night. The programme took the form of people from across the UK appearing on a big screen from BBC regional studios ask the five candidates a question. Mr Abdullah Patel appeared from the Bristol studios to ask the sixth question which was about Islamophobia. He said anti-Islamic political rhetoric caused problems for his community and asked the candidates directly if he believed words had consequences.

Fair enough, but within hours  Mr Patel an  Iman and headmaster of a girls school whilst demanding to know from the next Prime minister of the UK do words have consequences, found out the hard way that words actually do have consequences when is was revealed he is nothing more than an anti-semtic, misogynistic bigot who should not not have been allowed to speak on national TV, A quick check of his social media accounts revealed Mr Patels mindset:

A check the bBC failed to carry out. Their damage limitation team stated they did, but Mr Patel had deactivated his account prior to appearing on the show, which is strange as minutes after he was allowed to promote this vision of Islamic victimhood  the above tweets were hitting the twitterverse.
Going back to Mr Patels question of:
words had consequences.

He's now been suspended by the school and the mosque he works for due to the public embarrassment his lies have brought upon them.

Another of the people the BBC brought on to ask questions was so called independent voting Aman Thakar,

Who if they had bothered to do their work would have found out that he was not only a Labour activist who stood as the labour candidate in  the Southwark local election last year.  he was seconded by his law firm to the Labour Party to work for Jeremy Corbyn’s investigating anti-Semitism, and here is what was found on his twitter feed before he made it private:

He also has been suspended by his law firm. The thing is, the BBC has been caught out time and time again regards Anti-Semitism, kind of explains its huge pro Islamic output. But like the left all over the world they excuse their hatred by issuing smokescreens .