Thursday, June 20, 2019

Gaza: Hamas says Israel must allow for promised development in Gaza for truce to continue

(Gaza) On Thursday Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh announced the Israeli part of a future truce they will put into effect which they knocked out with the UN, Egypt and Qatar. He stated for any future peace Israel has to allow the building of two industrial zones, a power line and a hospital . This is on top of the water pipe Israel is currently laying into Gaza as well as a new sewage pipe which will take sewage from Gaza into Israel for processing.

At the same press conference he denounced Bahrain for normalizing links with Israel. The irony here is, isn't that what he is doing As this is Hamas, whilst talking peace Haniyeh accused Israel of non-compliance with the ceasefire and of delaying any launching of the projects stated in the deal. “The understandings are in danger because of the non-compliance by the occupation to implement the required obligations,”

When asked why Hamas won't talk directly to Israel for a better chance to implement the deal, Haniyeh said his group, which was founded on the goal of destroying Israel, has "obstructive lines on talking directly to the Israeli occupation."
 "Negotiations between you and your enemy in principle is not a mistake, but at this time, with these conditions, it's a national crime if you do it,"
For a so called racist nation which has Gaza under a deadly siege, the Israelis sure have a funny way of keeping that siege in place.