Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Ramadan Death Count: Iraq 04/06/19 (Wash-up)

(Salahuddin ) Six Iraqi security men were killed Tuesday during a search for the terrorist cell behind the explosion of a police vehicle a few hours earlier. 3 of the attackers were also killed

(Anbar) On Tuesday Iraqi security forces killed two Islamic State terrorists who had infiltrated into al-Abar city from neighbouring Syria.

(Anbar) A gunfight between the Iraqi army and ISIS terrorists on Sunday saw 1 Army officer killed and 3 soldiers wounded.

(Nineveh)  On Saturday, The Iraqi elite Falcons Intelligence Cell unit killed six Islamic State terrorists in al-Ayadiya area, west of Mosul.

(Kirkuk) Last Thursday angry farmers took to their weapons when they saw their fields been torched by ISIS terrorists. Unfortunately for them, the terrorists were better armed resulting in 1 farmer killed and several injured.

(Mosul ) An operation by the Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service’s air landing forces in Mosul saw 14 ISIS terrorists killed.

(Salahuddin) Air-strikes by the Iraqi air force on the 28th of May resulted in the deaths of 10 ISIS terrorists and the 2 armoured vehicles

Ramadan death toll stands at 1,411