Monday, June 3, 2019

Syria: 800 ISIS wives and children released , more to follow.

(al-Hawl ) To the north of Syria on the border with Iraq can be found the al-Hawl refugee camp named after the nearby town. 

In 2015 the town was recaptured by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) aka the Kurds and straight away they reopened a former UN refugee camp which had closed in 2013, Into this camp refugees from the areas occupied by ISIS came, and by December 2018 held around 10.000 people. However since then and the capture of many ISIS strongholds the camp has seen a huge influx of ISIS families resulting in over 74,000 people being held there. Whilst the Kurds have been asking the world to take back their ISIS Jihaist thugs and deal with according to the law of the land. The European nations whose subscription to human rights and such allowed ideologies such as ISIS to thrive have refused to take back these very dangerous people .

So yesterday the Kurds released 10,000 of these people who they claim pose little risk to everybody and anybody. Problem is some of those released appear not to express any contrition rather the reverse:

  •  "I am happy to be released but I hope that the [Islamic] State is back, that it will rule us back again," said one woman, Safaa Mumen.
  • Another woman, Um Anas, said she was returning to Raqqa — the city that was once the IS capital.
One of the officials assisting with the release, Faroq al Mashee, said he had high expectations for the women who are returning to live in Kurdish-controlled Syria.
""With the help of women we hope to change the 'extremist terrorist' mind into a fair Islamic mind that believes in peace and the peaceful living in communities," 
The Kurds have stated they will be releasing more into the wild after Ramadan. It ends tomorrow.