Thursday, June 20, 2019

Canada: Sex abuse Iman arrested as he tries to flee the country.

(Toronto)  Imam Syed Zaidi  told a young women he met in 2008 that she was possessed by evil spirits and that he had in his trousers a special tool that would removes those evil spirits . 

He advised that his special tool had to be inserted into her numerous times over a period of a few years and that it was a secret she could not pass onto others. Problem for this so called Islamic holyman when she found out his special purpose wasn't so special after all. He threated to shame her by informing the local community, he threated her with violence including killing her. She stuck by her guns and reported this nonce to the police. 

Naturally as an imported religious sex pest , Zaidi did what all imported religious sex pests do, he did a runner which is why he was arrested at Toronto Pearson Airport trying to leave the country.