Friday, June 21, 2019

Sweden: Unaccompanied child migrant rapes his foster sister, claims it is legal in his homeland

(Stockholm)  Currently in Sweden there is a case of how an unaccompanied child migrant who on claiming he was 17 was placed with a foster family. Well he's currently under lock and key after it was revealed that he raped his much younger foster sister. When asked to explain himself, he replied he didn't know as it is legal to rape children in his home country and that the incident was simply:

“something happening between two children”.
However it transpires that he was informed numerous times of the rules that apply in Sweden to sexual relations at his previous accommodations and at the schools he attends as it is mandated policy to inform migrants of the do and don't of sexual relationships  His legal guardian pointed out that the 17-year-old does well at school. He also described the sexual incident with a minor as a “one-off” and pointed out that taking the boy into special care would destroy his progress. Unfortunately for the child rapist, the court was having none of this crap and locked him up for six months with immediate effect until his court case comes up and he will be prosecuted for rape against children.

But get this investigations into his background  have revealed suspicions that the so called 17 year old child may in fact be over 20 years old.