Monday, June 3, 2019

Ramadan Death Count: Libya 4/06/19 (Washup)

(Tripoli)  The World Health Organisation has reported that between the 4th April and the 31st May 2019, the conflict around the capital between the 2 main (But rival) factions has resulted in  607 deaths and 3,261 wounded. Seen as Ramadan began on the 6th of May I am simply going to cut the figure in half minus 3 for the 3 deaths I reported on the country since the beginning of Ramadan and then cut 100 from that figure to err on the side of caution and leaving me with a figure of 200.
The break down for that  607 is as follows:

Fighting around Tripoli airport over the weekend saw 15 soldiers from the UN recognised 'Government of National Accord killed by General Hafters Libyan National army. 

Ramadan death toll stands at 1,368