Monday, September 17, 2018

UK: Mass Brawl in Luton, 21 men injured,

(Luton) On Sunday just to the north of London a huge mass brawl took place in public at around 5pm.

For some very strange reason groups of men armed with knives, baseball bats, iron bars , hammers and cleavers decided to have a very uncivilised conversation , resulting in 21 men sustaining injuries requiring hospital admission with several of them in a serious condition. Video coverage of the mass brawl reveals that all the idiots concerned belong to the same demographic, who it appears don't subscribe to civilised discourse and are only too happy to recreate the very conditions in the Uk which they claim forced them to leave their home lands in search of sanctuary.
As per usual the  Police, media and authorities who are so quick to play the race card on anybody who speaks out about the ingrained intolerance found within a certain imported ideology (A certain Tommy Robinson is from Luton)  have not only remained tight-lipped on the above it appears they don't have a clue about who participated in the above bunfight, which is strange as the above video clip not only shows where the brawl took place, it very clearly shows the faces of local people watching, including a local taxis driver stopping and getting out of his taxis.