Saturday, September 22, 2018

Iran: Attack on Military parade kills 29

(Ahvaz)  4 Gunmen opened fire on a military parade marking the anniversary of the Iraq-Iran warin 1980.

The attack which took place at around 9am local time in the country's oil-rich southwest, resulted in  the deaths of at least 29 (mainly members of the Iranian republican guard) people , and the wounding 53 others,  when the main stand containing dignitaries was targeted with gunfire from the 4 assailants. 3 of whom were killed at the scene , with the last dying of his injuries in hospital.
Confusion persists regards the terrorists behind this attack, with ISIS and a local Sunni Muslim group claiming to be behind  the attack But with no supporting evidence) Iran meanwhile has already blamed foreign countries , but that is only to be expected.