Saturday, September 15, 2018

Syria: Damascus Airport targeted by missile strikes.

(Damascus) This evening Damascus International Airport was targeted by a missile strike with, Syrian state media stating (as they always do) that their air defence system shot down some of them. A media group which monitors Syria said the attack targeted an arms depot near the airport where new weapons had recently arrived for the Iranians or Lebanon's Hezbollah group. The monitoring group had no immediate word on casualties, saying the strike did cause material damage.

As this is the age of the mobile phone, numerous clips have been uploaded onto social media showing the Syria air defence system at work. Something the Assad regime loves to promote in which to big up its air defence capability. However that said as always the Syrians still got hit.

There is some speculation that the target was an Iranian cargo plane which landed at 8pm (local time)
This attack comes less than a fortnight after a missile attack targeted Iranian positions in the city of Masyaf