Monday, September 10, 2018

Iraq; Iranian consulate burnt down, Mullahs complain that Iraqis aren't doing enough to protect their diplomatic centres.

(Basra) This past week has seen violent protests erupt around the southern Iraqi city of Basra , you name it, there's a protest: Bad water..protest, lack of jobs,,protest, lack of support from central government..protest, After several death and over 60 injured a curfew was placed on the city. But one protest has stuck out and that is how the Iraqi people have protested regards their perceived belief that Iran dabbles too much with Iraqi politics, in fact so strong is this belief, the locals in Basra burnt down the Iranian consulate

Naturally the Iranians aren't happy about how a load of protesters haven't recognised the sanctity of a diplomatic mission and after invading Iranian sovereign territory (As all diplomatic mission around the world are deemed to be) ransacking it, they set fire to it. Oh dear the irony appears to be lost on the Iranians who have no problem looking the otherway when mobs ransack foreign embassies back in Tehran :
US Embassy: 1979
Kuwaiti and Saudi Arabian embassies ; 1987
Danish Embassy: 2006
Pakistani Embassy: 2009
British Embassy: 2011
Saudi Missions in Iran : 2016