Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Kenya; 2 Christians murdered after Muslims became upset over the arrest of 3 terrorists.

(Elwak) Angry at how the police had picked up 3 people apparently linked to the Islamic terrorist group 'Al Shabab who the police believed were behind an IED attack on a police vehicle. A crowd of angry Muslims descended on the local police station on the border of Kenya and Somalia demanding that it be closed down.

As is always, the peaceful protest was anything but and after they found the police were staying they decided to light fires and throw stones at the police. As this is Africa, the Police retaliated with gun fire, forcing the crowd to find a much easier target in which to vent their anger. So rushing through the town they came across a builder and a hospital worker, who were quickly pointed out as non-Muslims, so they were stoned to death.

Police have reinforced the town and have arrested 4 people and are on the serch for others.