Monday, September 10, 2018

UK: Hijab wearing woman goes on knife rampage, police say not terrorist incident.

(Barnsley)  Early Saturday morning in Yorkshire 28 year old Ayaan Ali decided to go on a knife rampage with a foot long knife, after stabbing one person, she proceeded to walk up and down the street shouting out:

Kil. kill, kill

Police responded and quickly arrested her inside the train station and yesterday they charged her with affray and possession of an offensive weapon.
Ayaan Ali 
Chief Superintendent Scott Green, district commander for Barnsley, confirmed that Saturdays incident was not an act of terrorism. I mentioned a few weeks back that whilst the authorities across Europe have no problem labelling anybody who doesn't support their PC mandated view as 'Racists' Nationalists and far-right. (Just look at Sweden) they go well out of their way in which to relabel attacks made on people by the followers of a religion of peace as...Not terrorism.