Monday, September 24, 2018

Maldives: Marine artwork destroyed for being un-Islamic

(Sirru Fen Fushi)   A 5 star resort in the Maldives decided to commission a bespoke piece of marine art and brought in artist and environmentalist Jason deCaires Taylor to do his stuff.

Nine months later he revealed a marine sculptural work of art called Coralarium made from pH-neutral marine steel, it is punctuated with cutouts mimicking the organic forms found in the water, making it a solid yet transparent structure.  Allowing marine life to explore the new environment.

Well despite 9 months in the making nobody from the Maldives bothered complaining until it was finished and the government issued a court order that it had to be destroyed as it was offensive to...Muslims who deemed it a threat to Islamic unity.

Strange how the faithful demand we respect their ways in their homelands, yet in the secular west , if we don't allow them to import their backward ways, it is deemed racist or even Islamophobic.