Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Spain: Socialist Government back peddles over arns sales to Saudi Arabia.

(Madrid) The fledgling socialist government of Spain is finding out the hardway that being in power isn't the same as being in opposition. Since the new Government was sworn in this June, the Socialists set about opening up the country to African migrants (Including removing barbed wire from the border fence) offering them benefits, free medical treatment and of course a Spanish passport. However after Spain became the country of course for virtually all of Africa, with migrants actually attacking the Police in which to set foot in Spain, the Socialist government has had to backtrack on its open door policy and is now saying it will deport illegals back to Africa.  

Elsewhere they decided that selling laser guided bombs to Saudi Arabia is wrong and so last week they informed Riyadh that the sale of 400 bombs was off the table and that they would be returning the $10.7 million the Saudis had handed over in 2015. The problem here is that arms sales was part of a $2.5 billion arms deal which included the supply of 5 warships. So naturally the Saudis said fine, we, will take our business elsewhere and what do you know. The socialists have stated, sorry you misunderstood us, the bombs are still for sale. with the Defence Minister Margarita Robles now saying:
"We are two partner countries that have signed a contract"
It appears that contrary to popular belief, socialists do love money after all.