Monday, September 10, 2018

Syria: Turkey ready to deploy 50000 troops to Idlib

(Ankara)  As Syria and Russia continue to soften up rebel hard points in the last large area of Syria occupied by Jihadists by the use of air and artillery strikes prior to an expected land offensive.

The rest of the world is screaming out...
"Think of the children"
With the UN claiming that this could herald the worst humanitarian disaster of the 21st century

Above is the google map of the area in question, below is a map of the state of play 
Map from Middleeasterneye

In a nutshell most of the rebel groups who were allowed to coach out of areas they had lost to the Syrians these past few years relocated to Idlib and now that the Syrians have them all in one place, they have decided to rid Syria and the world of a lot of Jihad loving thugs. Don't get me wrong, I have no time for the Syrian regime, but the current thugs caught like fish in a barrel are no angels either and I for one will not be shedding any tears for those who wanted to carve out a new caliphate by the use of the use of the bullet, bomb,knife and a lot of Allah ackbas.

Turkey which was party to last week's summit in Tehran between Russia, Iran on the fate of Syria's Idlib province, is in a strange position, as under the pocket dictator it is trying to re-imagine itself as the Ottoman Empire, which explains why it has spent a lot of money,time and effort in supporting the jihadists inside Syria, and now it looks (at face value) to be supporting the Shia enemy agaisnt the rebels it has supported for so long.  Which is why it has just been reported in Turkey by the pro Government Yeni Safak, that Ankara has relocated 30,000 of its own troops on the border with Syria and reinforced its positions there with concrete walls and bullet proof watchtowers . It has also instructed over 50,000 Turkish backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters stationed in Afrin, Azaz, Jarabulus, al-Bab and al-Rai to “be ready for military deployment.”

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has been reported as saying on Tuesday (11/09/18)  That a Syrian government offensive in Idlib would cause humanitarian and security risks for Turkey, Europe and beyond . Calling on the international community to take action on Idlib,  and warned that “the entire world stands to pay the price” otherwise. which points in the direction he may be ready to go up agaisnt the Syrians and Russians and wants the West to be in his corner.

But to further complicate matters the BBC Syria Producer Riam Dalat is reporting that the FSA has said that members of the Syrian opposition, possibly from Free Syrian Army (FSA) in the country’s Eastern Ghouta region say they are ready to attack Turkey should the country turn its back on them
You have to admit, that the plot of Games of Thrones has nothing on the Levant.