Wednesday, September 26, 2018

UK: Women poster taken down as it was deemed.....offensive.

(Liverpool) It never fails to amaze me regards how the the snowflake generation find offence everywhere they look. Currently in the US the left of the political spectrum are outraged over Brett Kavanaugh, who has been accused of grinding his hips as a 17 year old into a 15 year old girl at a drunken party in 1982. The so called victim only decided to report this to the police, media after Kavanaugh came into the public eye. To the left this is an outrage, he must be punished as should any of his friends who are game for attack. such as Senator Sen. Ted Cruz who along with his wife was hounded out of a restaurant by the so called 'smash racism' crowd for being friends with Kavanaugh for over 20 years.(The irony of a white anti-racist group targeting a Hispanic appears to be lost on them) . Meanwhile the political mindset which has no problem tarring a man as a 'rapist'  based on no evidence whatsoever but on his political links to President Trump have no problem defending Roman Polanski over how he anally raped a 13 year old girl when he was aged 43. How about how they defend the peccadilloes of a certain former President  and today we have a leading British actor defending kevin Spacey. The left of the political spectrum only find offence where they wish to find it, which bring me to this. In Liverpool a bill board has been taken down as it was deemed offensive to Transgender people.