Monday, September 10, 2018

France: Lyon airport closed down after man sent by Allah cashes barrier and races around runway.

(Lyon) A man smashed his car through security barriers at Lyon, airport in France, he then ploughed through the glass doors of the terminal and sped onto the runway, before being arrested.

In scenes captured on amateur video, the car was seen hitting a bump, then going airborne and landing in a cloud of dust at Lyon's international Saint-Exupery airport.
The driver then jumped out while the vehicle was still rolling and sprinted off on foot, pursued by a police van where he was caught and arrested. That little shindig of his led to 80 flights been cancelled or diverted.

The Lyon Prosecutor's office have reported that the driver is a 31-years-old French citizen and previously known to police.  With Lyon prosecutor Marc Cimamonti adding:

"He reportedly said 'I am sent by Allah,' but I don't have complete confirmation of that,"