Saturday, September 15, 2018

Venezuela: President Maduro to sue his neighbours over their refusal to accept millions of Venezuelans trying to escape..Venezuela.

(Caracas)  Of late Venezuela has found itself in something of a pickle. You see after years of Socialism, the country is falling apart at the seams. Crime is up, prices are up, jobs are down as is the supply of food, water and electricity.  Not only that but because people are suffering, they have started to complain we had the mass protests on the streets last year, which saw over 165 people killed, over 16000 injured and nearly 5000 arrested. In order to remain in power , people who complain are arrested and charged with treason , which is what happened to fireman Ricardo Prieto

who knocked out a skit on social media where he referred to President Nicolas Maduro, faster than the rise of the nations currency Ricardo found himself arrested for dissent.
So acute is the cash flow in Venezuela, this past week El Presidento jetted off to China in which to secure a $5 billion loan off of China which the canny Chinese have tied to the supply of oil at very favourable rates. This is on top of the $50 billion China has already loaned Caracas and yet there is nothing to show for it.

Anyway former bus driver Maduro has been looking at other ways in which to fund his socialist economic policy and he has decided that he is going to sue the neighbours. First of all he is going to sue Columbia for how Colombians fleeing the violence  that plagued the country for years settled in Venezuela. However it appears he hasn't thought this one out, as it was proven the other year that Venezuela under Hugo Chavez not only funded and gave sanctuary to the FARC rebels  and supplied them with weapons , he got them to murder his political opponents 

Then there is the issue of all the countries which border Venezuela who have been holding back and vetting the entry of people out of the country into theirs.. (Also includes Columbia)  which is why this week, Venezuelan Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez said “elites” in Colombia, Ecuador and Perú were luring Venezuelans there with false promises and then paying them slave wages.
 “If we have to ask for compensation from the governments of Colombia, Ecuador and Perú, we’re going to demand it"

The irony here is, after failure after failure, the socialists in the West refuse to accept that socialism doesn't work.