Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Sweden: Deportation order agaisnt Palestinian who firebombed a synagogue removed as he might face danger if returned to the West Bank,

(Stockholm)  Last December a few Middle eastern citizens unhappy at finding a jewish synagogue in the area decided to teach those pesky Jews a lesson by firing bombing it.

Which is why this May three Palestinians found themselves in court, on charges of carrying out a hate crime. (well it is Sweden after all)  Two of them received 2 years in prison, with the third 2 months and an air ticket home with a remit of being denied entry to Sweden for 10 years. Well to the ethical latte brigade that was a step too far and so they appealed on their point of view that this poor innocent lamb would face danger from the Israeli state if returned to his home country. Well yesterday the court of appeal ruled in their favour and cancelled the deportation order and the Ethical latte drinkers in Sweden wonder why people have flocked to the far right.